About Hot Yoga Hacks

Hey Friends!

Welcome to Hot-Yoga Hacks! I’m excited to join with you on your hot-yoga journey 🙂 Through this website you will be given access to articles and product reviews that will make your journey through hot-yoga a casual walk (instead of the death crawl we sometimes imagine it is).


A quick safety notice: Exercising in heated environments encourages the increased circulation of lymphatic fluids. While this is great for those of us with lymph nodes, it’s not awesome for those who have had their lymph nodes removed. Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns and practice responsibly 🙂


A little about me first 🙂 4 months in to my hot-yoga journey I developed a back injury where the muscles surrounding my spine constricted and began to cause daily back pain. I’m a very active person (hiking, swimming, dance are the other big ones) so quitting Yoga and just laying still for the rest of my life was NOT and option. Thus began my journey of learning hot yoga hacks. Not just what equipment to have but also what muscles needed more work before I tried certain poses and what specialists to have on my team to help me with the finer points of developing a healthy baseline for my body (physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc.). Along the way I have also had the good fortune to learn more about the origin and intent of hot yoga (and yoga in general), and am excited for the chance to share that with you.

Paying it Forward

My goal with this website is to share with you helpful tools that will enable you to go forward and practice Hot-Yoga (or any Yoga) safely and successfully. I want to help you make the full connection to your practice without fear of judgment or injury.


With intention and freedom, but, above all, safely!

Remember, Yoga is a unique form of exercise in that it can be formatted to fit you wherever you are without making you feel small or insufficient. Any injury can be accommodated. Every body type is the right body type. Most importantly: all practice is profitable.

Namaste, my friends!



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