Yoga On The Go: 4 travel mats that will change your life!

Hello yogis! It’s traveling season for me, so now is the perfect time to share my thoughts on the big “yoga on the go” must have 🙂 The traveling yoga mat! For this post, I will be evaluating the different mats based on environmental impact, ease of cleaning/upkeep, durability/warranty and price.

Because we are specifically taking about yoga mats we can easily use while traveling, all of the mats listed will necessarily be thinner than your typical 5mm-6mm thick mat. I’m sure everyone cringes when they hear the words “checked baggage,” so we will also be looking at mats that can fold to take up minimal space in a carry-on.That said, I also will not be recommending anything smaller than the mat you probably have at home: 70″-72″ x 24″-26.” It’s important to maintain consistency, even on the road. A mat that would require you to shorten your stance or shift your focus from “am I maintaining steady breath and strong movement” to “am I going to be off my mat when i change poses” is the wrong answer, and was immediately axed from the suggestions list (68″ long mats…i’m talking to you!)

Now without further ado, the travel mats!

Manduka: PRO Travel Mat

  • Environmental Impact: The Manduka brand has set itself apart for their patented manufacturing process. Not only do you get a completely Eco friendly mat, but you also know that your mat was manufactured in a zero emissions environment.
  • Ease of Cleaning/Upkeep: Because of the closed cell surface, you don’t have to worry about sweat or bacteria penetrating the mat. When you are finished, you simply spray it down, wipe it off, fold it up and you’re ready for your next practice. No machine washing necessary.
  • Durability/Warranty: These mats are designed to last a lifetime; so, the best feature of the Manduka PRO series mats is that they have a lifetime warranty for most wear and tear from continuous use. As with every warranty, there are exceptions, so please make sure you read the lifetime guarantee guidelines on the Manduka website.
  • Price: $68.00

June & Juniper: Travel Yoga Mat

  • Environmental Impact: This Eco friendly mat is made with microfiber and biodegradable tree rubber. When using, please remember that the microfiber provides more traction when damp. If you run a damp cloth over it before practice, it will be a lot easier to use. June & Junipers world impact is just as important as its environmental impact. This company donates a portion it’s proceeds to help end domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Ease of Cleaning/Upkeep: On the road, you can wipe it down with a damp towel before folding it for repacking. Please remember to machine wash at home. This mat also comes with carrier straps (great for going to class on the road) and a carrier bag!
  • Durability/Warranty: This reversible mat is guaranteed for 30 days. That is on the low end of warranties, but plenty of time to decide if the microfiber option is right for you.
  • Price: $59.99

SKL: Travel Yoga Mat

  • Environmental Impact: 100% recyclable. Its components of suede on top and natural rubber on bottom is one of the more common that i have found. Similar to microfiber, the sued side provides infinitely better traction when damp. Be sure to run a damp cloth over it before use. 
  • Ease of Cleaning/Upkeep: At home this mat is machine washable and on the road it can be spot cleaned with a damp towel. It also comes a 9″ x 6.7″ carrier bag!
  • Durability/Warranty: This mat is tear and moisture resistant. A generous 12 month warranty will give you time in all seasons to make a final decision. 
  • Price: $26.97
  • Similar Products:

Meileer: Travel Yoga Mat

  • Environmental Impact: Also of the suede and natural rubber class of travel mats, the Meileer travel mat is 100% Eco friendly.  
  • Ease of Cleaning/Upkeep: This mat, similar to others of it’s kind, is machine washable at home and can be wiped down on the road. It also comes with carry bag which simplifies the packing process.
  • Durability/Warranty: Meileer advertises a 100% money back guarantee for life. While I am a big fan of lifetime warranties, I still caution you to check the guidelines before you purchase.
  • Price: $29.99 

I love being able to visit different yoga studios when I travel and having a travel yoga mat is a big part of what makes me comfortable in those situations. Being exposed to a variety of studios gives me the opportunity to see how we practice differently across the country, and to see how we are the same. I hope these suggestions have been helpful and encourage you to maintain a consistent practice, especially while on the road.

Namaste, friends!

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